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HIGHLIGHTS: Milwaukee Bucks even series against the Phoenix Suns

The Milwaukee Bucks have responded after going down 0-2 to the Phoenix Suns early in the NBA Finals. They have now won the last two games and the series is now tied...

HIGHLIGHTS: Phoenix Suns take game 1 after big performance from Chris Paul

The Phoenix Suns have an early lead en route to their first NBA Championship. They took the lead in the series over the Milwaukee Bucks going up 1-0. This was highlighted by...

Phoenix Suns look to close out series against Clippers

The Phoenix Suns have an opportunity to advance to the 2021-22 NBA Finals tonight. They will have to beat the Los Angeles Clippers who are coming off a big win after an...

Minnesota Timberwolves look to start anew

“Same old Wolves” ran across the minds of Minnesota Timberwolves fans as Brandon Ingram’s two free throws extended the New Orleans Pelicans’ lead to 16 in the first quarter of Thursday night's...

2020 NBA Draft Lottery results: Timberwolves in a good position

The top 14 picks of the 2020 NBA Draft have been officially determined. The 2020 NBA Draft Lottery had a couple of team jumps resulting in some possibilities that will make the...

NBA Playoffs Highlights: Mavericks beat Clippers to tie series 1-1

The Dallas Mavericks have shown that they are going to make the #2 seeded Los Angeles Clippers truly earn a trip to the second round of the NBA playoffs if they want...

Highlights: Trail Blazers beat Lakers in game 1

The #8 seeded Portland Trail Blazers just stole game 1 of their playoff matchup against the top seeded Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron James dropping an amazing 23-17-16 triple-double wasn't enough for the Lakers...

NBA players agree to final terms of restarted season

The NBA and NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) have agreed to final terms to restart to 2019-20 NBA season. The season is restarting July 30th at the Disney Campus located near Orlando...
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